Easy Ways to Keep Your Household Supplies Stocked

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As the manager of your home, make your tasks easier and streamlined by keeping your household supplies well stocked and orderly. 

Easy Ways to Keep Your Household Supplies Stocked | Life as Mom

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I happen to be the Chief Operating Officer of my home. While that sounds like a corner office with a view of the bay, in reality it means that I regularly serve in lower levels of management as well Logistics and Procurement. In the common tongue: I make sure that people get where they need to be and that we have enough toothpaste and toilet paper.

Once my kids got to an age when they could help themselves to household supplies, I found that my storage cupboards went crazy. Empty bottles, wrappers, and boxes left in the cupboard gave us a false sense of security and suddenly we’d be out of something critical.

I found myself heading to the grocery store at 10 pm when someone was stuck on the potty without toilet paper. Ahem. One too many nighttime forays for provisions prompted me to develop some easy ways to keep our household supplies in stock.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Household Supplies Stocked

1. Standardize your household supplies.

Instead of buying five different kinds of shampoo or shower gel, I buy one kind of each. Sure, we did a little testing to find a favorite, but once we did, we’re committed. I can easily marry two half bottles of shampoo or combine similar supplies in one container.

Things are standardized and uniform, making our supply cupboard both simple and void of random visual clutter.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Household Supplies Stocked | Life as Mom

2. Store like with like.

Rather than store supplies in all the bathrooms and never know what we have, we store like with like. All the paper towels are in one cupboard; all the dental supplies are together. This makes it much easier to see what’s on hand and what we need to buy more of.

3. Replenish your stock through automated online orders.

I rarely buy household supplies at the store anymore; instead I set up automated online orders. I get a monthly shipment of toilet paper so that we never run out. Amen, hallelujah.

4. Use bulk sizes of your favorite household items.

You can bet with a family of 8, I don’t typically stock up on mini tubes of toothpase — except for travel. We epitomize the phrase, “Go big or go home.”

Whether I’m stocking up on groceries or stocking up on household items, I always go big. The bigger the soap dispenser, toothpaste tube, laundry soap container, the less often I need to replenish it.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Household Supplies Stocked | Life as Mom

This is never more true than with toilet paper, which I don’t actually buy at the store. I have it on Amazon Subscribe and Save so that we never run out. It’s one of the things I do to help

5. Be open to new ways to organize your household supplies.

Keep your ears open to new ways to organize your household supplies. While the status quo may not be broke, it may still have room for improvement.

I’m constantly amazed at the new-to-me strategies I come across from time to time, and love finding some new gem that helps me streamline our home and make it run more smoothly.

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What works for you?

Leave a comment below and let us know what works for you.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Household Supplies Stocked | Life as Mom

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  1. Amen on #4! I always get a chuckle out of all the looks (and comments) our family of eight gets at Sam’s Club. Um, shouldn’t we be the ones buying the mega rolls of TP?? The less I have to remember to stock up, the better!