How to Save Time on Self Care

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Self care is an important part of the life as mom. I used to think that it took too much time, but there are quick and easy ways to take care of yourself. And we should!

How to Save Time on Self Care | Life as Mom

“I just don’t have time to take care of myself.”

How many times have you heard other women — or even yourself — say that? Probably too often for our own good. We think that self care, the act of taking care of ourselves, will take too much time. We think it will be costly. We think it will slow down our progress on the to-do list.

What I’m learning — and it only took me about 43 years to figure it out — is that by taking better care of ourselves, not only are we MORE efficient, but we also enjoy our days a lot more.

All work and no play makes Jane a very dull girl, indeed.

That said, I get you on the time-saving issue. There really are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I want to do. It helps me when I can find efficient ways to pamper myself and do that whole self care thing without feeling like I’m “wasting time”.

Here are some quick and easy ways to take care of yourself, particularly as concerns your morning routine and feeling your best.

How to Save Time on Self Care | Life as Mom

How to Save Time on Self Care

1. Create a capsule wardrobe of clothing you love.

One of the best things I ever did was to start saying NO to clothes that I didn’t like. While at first it was hard to let go of items that I thought I loved in the store or on the computer screen only to wear them a few times and find out I didn’t love them, it’s been well worth it.

My capsule wardrobe helps me feel put together all the time.

Doing a year of Style Challenges has been a game changer for me. Now I know more about my personal style and what it is that I like and more importantly, what looks good on me. The more I know what I like and feel good in, the more time I can save shopping as well as getting ready for the day.

(A new Style Challenge is starting soon! Learn more here.)

2. Start the night before.

Even if I don’t have any place special to go, I feel better if I dress in a way that makes me feel put together and pretty. If I take a few minutes at night to lay out a cute outfit and a necklace, I know that I’ll be more likely to wear something that makes me feel good.

How to Save Time on Self Care | Life as Mom

3. Set yourself up with quick and easy toiletries.

I’m more likely to spend time primping if I’ve got the right products for the job. I don’t like to spend hours fussing in the bathroom, and I don’t like lots of products clogging up my bathroom.

Using an all-in-one shampoo/bodywash, a conditioning detangler, quick-drying towels, and a combination razor/shaving gel product has saved me loads of time and helped me speed up my morning routine.

4. Keep essentials easily on hand.

Water, vitamins, and meds are key to taking care of myself. I’ve learned that I’m better at dosing them all if they are readily at hand. I keep a bottle of thyroid medication upstairs as well as downstairs so that when it’s time to take it, it’s easy for me to do so. Otherwise, if I had to go up or down the stairs, I’d put it off and forget to take it.

Likewise, keeping a carafe of water in my master bathroom helps me to remember to drink water before bed and as soon as I wake.

How do YOU save time on self care?

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