Life is not lived in epic battles.

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Photo source: © 2003 – New Line Cinema

We’ve watched our fair share of adventure and action movies this summer. I’m a sucker for The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Narnia. I could watch those over and over. I’m taken by those epic battles at the end where the good guys finally beat the bad guys, despite the odds.

But, one thing that struck me recently is that life is not lived in epic battles. To fight the good fight is not to walk on great battlefields and conquer a giant.

Life is lived in:

  • choosing to wipe the nose, change the diaper, pour the milk — all without sighing.
  • folding (and refolding) those mountains of laundry.
  • taking a deep breath when you hear the whiny voice and calmly asking your child to use a nicer voice.
  • listening to the complaints of one child against another, empathizing, and then helping them find a resolution.
  • getting up the next morning to do it all over again.

In the life as MOM, to be the conquering hero is to dust yourself off and get back in there.

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  1. AWESOME post! I think we often forget that the day to day things we do as a mom are what we are called to do right now. And that He is right there with us as we do them, cheering us on. (you can do this!)

  2. This is exactly what was on my mind when I had to remove kleenex from my daughter’s nose earlier this week. I wanted to sigh (and probably did), and complain and be frustrated because it was REALLY far up there, but after a deep breath I relished the moment of being the hero for the moment.

  3. I’ve always said that it’s easier to be a superhero in the crisis than it is to be a quiet hero in the everyday. I needed to remember this today.

    1. I need to be better at remembering this & thanks for the post today since all I’ve heard lately is whining

  4. Yes, it’s the little moment to moment things that make a difference.

    As the parable says, we are called to be faithful in the little things.

    And, like you, I’d rather be doing the big things.

    So, here’s to a day of little things! I hope to prepare my homeschool curriculum order, post a few things on Kijiji, make yoghurt, clean up and delutter more, and read aloud to the kids. And finetune the list of things that still need to be done this summer.

  5. A fine piece for me to read this morning. I fought an epic battle in the kitchen yesterday, decluttering, cleaning etc. Had I been a better fighter on a daily basis it would not have been necessary LOL.

    Something I will discuss with my son in particular, as I think he feels that if he makes a big effort in getting along, or helping out, it makes up for all the day to day hurts he hands out to family members.