May the Fourth Be with You

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Got Star Wars fans at your house? Then you’re going to want to plans some special activities for May the Fourth.

May the Fourth Be with You | Family Fun Ideas from Life as Mom

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The first Star Wars movie was released on my fifth birthday. My dad took me and my grandparents to Grauman’s Chinese Theater to see it. I remember wanting to be Princess Leia and closing my eyes when the truth-serum bot came to get her to reveal the location of the rebel base.

I didn’t see any of the other films until high school or college, but once my boys discovered light sabers — and more importantly, the Force — Jedi training and the Star Wars sixology became every day fare. I have seen Mace Windoo written in the dust on my windows and jedi drawings etched in sidewalk chalk on my driveway.

I have even seen my children young padawan open grocery store doors using the Force.

May the Fourth Be with You | Family Fun Ideas from Life as Mom

And yes, I well remember the Great Lightsaber Shortage of 2006. I just might have shrieked loudly in the aisle of Target when I found the last toy saber in all of Kansas City.

Star Wars has been the theme of many a FishBoy birthday cake and video game user names alike.

Last year we watched through the movies again — working through them in production order, of course — once we realized that the girls were old enough to know that they don’t really know the story. Imagine our delight when FishChick6 argued that Luke and Leia have to end up together. Ha!

My nieces are also really into the Star Wars universe, so it’s becoming a full-blown cousin affair. We took my parents to see the newest release on Christmas Eve.

In recent years, May 4th has become affectionately known as “Star Wars Day” by fans around the world. You know, May the Fourth be with you….?

If you’ve got Star Wars fans at home, plan some fun for May the Fourth. From food, to costumes, to lightsaber battles, there’s plenty of things you can do with your kids. And be sure to rent a Star Wars movie just for kicks.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser on Disney Video

Watch One of the SEVEN Star Wars films.

Personally, I think the original was the best. I only wish that George Lucas hadn’t jacked with the vintage special effects. Artists. Sheesh.

May the Fourth Be with You | Family Fun Ideas from Life as Mom

Make Star Wars Treats.

May the Fourth Be with You | Family Fun Ideas from Life as Mom

Dress up in Homemade Star Wars Costumes.

  • Jedi Costume: Pair some store-bought khaki pants and boots with a homemade Jedi tunic. For the tunic, you just need an old sheet, a sewing machine, and these instructions. (Technically this tutorial is for a Harry Potter robe, but just make it shorter.) Finish it off with a belt and a Padawan braid.
  • Princess Leia: Pair a white turtleneck with a long white skirt. You can use this tutorial to make a simple, long white skirt. Make a belt from a length of wide silver ribbon. Of course, add some Princess Leia buns to top it off.

May the Fourth Be with You | Family Fun Ideas from Life as Mom |

Make Homemade Lightsabers.

Do Some Star Wars Activities.

How will you celebrate May the Fourth?

Please share your Star Wars themed memories!

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  1. So grateful for your post! I had perused it a day or two ago however didn’t think a lot of it, until at the beginning of today I turned upward our week after week library storytime and acknowledged they are doing a Star Wars extraordinary themed day today, and children should wear ensembles!

  2. So thankful for your post! I had read it the other day but didn’t think too much of it, until this morning I looked up our weekly library storytime and realized they are doing a Star Wars special themed day today, and kids are supposed to wear costumes! (We haven’t been in a few weeks so I missed that memo!) Grateful that I knew where to look – my daughter is doing the khaki pants/white shirt combo. 🙂

  3. My husband and I are going to Las Vegas tomorrow, so I’m going to bring along one of my Darth Vader bobbleheads and take pictures of him around the city. We’re leaving our 4 year old at home with grandparents and she’s super excited about seeing the pictures.

  4. Our first date was to a midnight showing of Episode 1, so our choice of music for the walking back down after we were married was the Star Wars theme.
    And our splurge at Disney last fall was a ‘Minnie as Leia’ statue and a ‘Goofy as C-3P0’ statue.
    What can I say? We really like Star Wars!