A Fall Wreath Paper Plate Craft

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Fall Leaf Wreath Paper Plate Craft

My mom was a kindergarten teacher when I was born. That means that my preschool and early elementary years absolutely rocked on the craft front. My mom always had some type of imaginative play or art activity for us to do.

And she was pretty free wheeling, too. She didn’t hover over us and insist that we do it her way. We were free to explore the medium, get creative, and do our own thing, if we wanted to.

I didn’t understand this concept until I was a parent with my own kindergartner. Who didn’t want to do the art project the way I wanted him to. It was interesting. I’ll leave it at that.

Then I learned to provide direction, provide materials, and then let the kid be.

Elmer's Early Learning Academy

FishChick5 was thrilled. Not only did the box look super enticing, but it was filled with really fun stuff to create with, including EGlue Stick and Glue Pen as well as feathers, construction paper, colored tissue paper, paper plates, and an assortment of other craft items.

Elmer's Craft Box fun

Having a box of art supplies at the ready is the ideal rainy day/snow day activity. I’ve found that if my kids are handed an assortment of crafty stuff, they will entertain themselves for hours.

But direction is good, too. This week we made a fall leaf craft. Unfortunately for my kids, the leaves don’t change colors much here in Southern California. At least not the way they do back east. So, we played with paper leaves. I’m sure you could try this same craft with real leaves as well. My girl and I had a big talk about the different colors of the leaves and the colors they change during the seasons.

A Fall Wreath Paper Plate Craft

fall leaf supplies Elmer's

Cut simple leaf shapes from a number of different colored papers (red, orange, yellow, green, brown, black, and white) and in two different sizes. This way you can practice sorting by sizes and color before you assemble the wreath.

Hole in Paper Plate Elmer's

Cut out the center of the paper plate to create the base of the wreath.

Glueing on Leaves Elmer's

These new adhesive products are perfect for small hands. My girl was glueing like a pro. The glue stick is super easy to use because of its triangular shape and slanted tip.

Let your child layer on whatever size color leaves he or she would like. We aimed for covering the paper plate as best we could. This activity lends itself well to creating patterns and sequences as well as sorting colors and sizes.

Finished Leaf Wreath Elmer's

FishChick5 wanted to add the feathers on for bling. Like I said before, feel free to let your kid explore the medium and try different things.

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  1. Does Elmer’s sell those craft boxes? I checked their website, but don’t see any indication that they do. Would love to have one!

  2. I am looking for ideas for my classroom I am a preschool teacher. I like the leaf wreath made with construction paper and paper plates.

  3. What a sweet little girl and a sweet little craft! You are such a fun mother, Jessica!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois