FREE Printable Beach Packing List

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A trip to the beach is a wonderful way to spend a summer day. Be prepared for the adventure with this free printable beach packing list for families.

Printable Beach Packing List | Life as Mom

One of the perks to living where we live is that the beach is just a ten-minute drive from our house, depending on which beach we want to go to. That is a perk that I love and would be hesitant ever to give up.

At the same time, we still have to pack the car for a day at the beach, just like anyone else. Well, except for those folks who can walk to the beach from their house.

I want to be one of those people someday….

Until then I will happily pack the car for a day at the beach. If I’m organized, then we can really relax in the sand and not feel hurried or hassled because we forgot something at home.

Just as our activity bags have saved my bacon on more than one occasion, I’ve found that it also  helps to have a beach packing list so we don’t forget something that will make the day with kids easier and so much more fun.

Getting our beach day groove on is so much easier when we’ve got all the gear ready to go. Over the years with different ages of kids, we’ve found that having certain items with us helps make the time at the seashore a little more enjoyable.

Printable Beach Packing List | Life as Mom

Here’s what’s often included in our haul and what I’ve got listed on our beach packing list.

We sometimes choose not to go at meal times so we don’t bring a cooler, just water and some snacks. And we try to pack things as compactly as possible so we make only one trip from the car to the sand. Now that the kids are all pretty independent, it makes the hauling a little bit easier.

Beach Packing List

Grab the Free Printable Beach Packing List!

Don’t want to recreate the wheel — or the beach packing list? Just download the printable version here.

What’s on YOUR beach packing list?

Beach Packing List | Life as Mom

Post originally published July 8, 2013. Updated May 9, 2017.

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  1. I have so many great memories of playing and swimming in the waters of the Georgia Straight growing up. I don’t remember rip tides there but I do remember as a teenager sunning too long on a sand bar once and what was once a wade from shore to sand bar had become a swim and I felt blessed for those endless rounds of swimming lessons as a child. I can’t think of one more thing to add to your list, except to make sure you have a basic first aid kit in your car, because I know I suffered various scrapes from barnicles and broken sea shells and such as a child.

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