Enough is as Good as a Feast

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One of my life’s mottos is borrowed from Ma Ingalls: Enough is as good as a feast.

Since I’m an “all or nothing” kind girl, I can tend toward excess. So, if I’m planning a birthday celebration or a holiday feast, my mind goes leaps and bounds ahead of what is realistic. I can overbook myself pretty easily.

Over the years, with some good counsel from my husband, I’ve learned that there is a time and a place for all things. And sometimes, I need to adjust my expectations of myself. I have had to learn when to say, “when.”

I’ve had to adopt the motto: Enough is as good as a feast.

The lesson holds true for the holidays. Whether it’s the list of presents to buy or make, the number of dishes to serve at the next gathering or how many people to invite over in the coming months, we each need to learn to say “when.”

If you find yourself spinning your wheels today, the day before Thanksgiving, it may be a good time to say WHEN. Reevaluate your list and at the very least, prioritize. You might not get everything on your list done. Be okay with that.

Figure it out today, make peace with it, and enjoy the holiday tomorrow.

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  1. I love this quote! It reinforces my belief that the answers to life’s big questions can be found in either the Bible or Little House on the Prairie books!

  2. What a great reminder — especially for one like me who also tends towards excess. Thank you for sharing this today!

    Have a Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. I completely agree with you on this Jessica. I’ve just posted about something similar as well.. Slowing down and accepting that everything isn’t possible has been difficult for me to do but its been worth it.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. So true! I am hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow and my husband and I decided that we would focus on just a few key dishes that we all love instead of trying to make a multitude of different dishes (which I tend to do). Every day the “I need to make more dishes” monster rears up, but I send him on his way. I know we will be thrilled with the scaled down feast, especially in light of the fact that the flu is making its rounds in our house!

  5. Oh so true! I’m hosting thanksgiving for 15 so tonight I’ll prep & cook and tomorrow I’ll relax and enjoy the day with family.

    Perspective. It keeps me going.

    🙂 Allie

  6. right on target. we scaled back the menu (it’s just the 4 of us this year) and half of it is already made so we will only need to warm it tomorrow after the turkey is baked. last dishes will be made tonight. i do believe i will fully enjoy my holiday! you do the same!

  7. That is one of my favorite quotes as well. It is actually from Mary Poppins. Love your blog!

    1. Well, you know I hate to be wrong. 😉 So I did some homework. Google is so nice. We’re both right. It’s attributed to Mary Poppins, but it’s also on page 130 of These Happy Golden Years, according to scribd.com. LOL Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Very timely! I need to share this post with my MIL…

    I ran to Walmart (ugh) over lunch to pick up a few more things for tomorrow and considered buying fresh green beans. As I reached for the first handful I realized I’d have to clean and snap them…so I put them back and bought some precleaned French green beans instead! I still get to serve something healthy but with less fuss.

  9. I love this motto from Ma Ingalls, so much so that I’ve considered putting it on my kitchen wall in a stencil.