DIY on a Dime: FREE Printable Valentine Coupons

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Gift coupons are an easy and frugal gift. You can add your own redemption value and vary the range to keep Valentine’s tokens sweet and meaningful.

Valentine Coupons

Looking for a quick and easy Valentine for your kids or sweetie? These customizable coupons would be it! So simple, you just need paper and a printer.

The “from” field autopopulates so that you don’t have to type it ten times. Add whatever “prizes” you like.

Download a couple sheets of LOVE coupons in red or in blue. Fill in the blue fields and print them out. Instant Valentine’s gift! Bundle several coupons into a coupon book to gift to kids, friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Find ideas on what to give here.

DIY on a Dime

This is part of the DIY on a Dime: Valentine’s Day. For more easy and frugal gift ideas, check out the list.

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  1. I am stealing this idea! well–I’ll be linking back to this site! I love this. I’m combining it with the 5 love language and suggestions on “currency” for the coupons. Does that make sense?

    Be Blessed.

  2. Thanks, this will make it so much easier to bless my kids! I think I will hide them around the house and see how long it takes for them to find all of the cards. Maybe I ought to write down where I hide them in case they’re not all found…