Free Printable Gift Coupons for an Easy Last-Minute Gift

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Are you looking for a last minute gift or some little extra to slip into a stocking? Grab these free printable gift coupons for a fun, creative gift.

Free Printable Gift Coupons | Life as Mom

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Okay, yeah. You forgot somebody. Or the shipping company lost your order. Or you just don’t have the cash today to do things up big. Whatever it is, you’ve come up empty-handed for Christmas morning. No worries.

Some people thrive on shopping on Christmas Eve. Some of us, decidedly do not. Stay in your jammies. Grab another mug of coffee, tea, cocoa. Fire up your printer, and take the easy way out this year.

How you ask?

Give some gift coupons to your favorite people this year and take the pressure off yourself. No shopping necessary and you can give them something they really want.

Bonus: when you create coupons to gift, you don’t have to lay-out the cash today, thereby spreading things out for the benefit of your budget.

Why Do This

Gift coupons are nothing new. They’ve been around longer than Pinterest, that’s for sure. They are easy and they allow you to truly customize your gift giving this year. Make your coupons good for a physical item or an experience. Either way, you can choose things that you know will please the giftee.

I’ve got a sheet of free printable gift coupons for you to turn into easy last-minute gifts. You can even head here for instructions on how to turn them into a fancy coupon book.

Be sure to keep notes of what you promise as well as add expiration dates if you’re not giving the giftee carte blanche to redeem them years from now.

Free Printable Gift Coupons | Life as Mom

You can handwrite in the spaces, or you can type your gifts and signature into the PDF itself before you print.

Not sure what to give? Consider these ideas:

Gift coupon ideas for small children:

  • an afternoon at the park
  • a trip to the library
  • dinner at Chuck E. Cheese
  • a new toy that you get to pick out
  • a trip to the zoo
  • a day at the beach/lake
  • an afternoon of playing with no work
  • a late bedtime
  • an afternoon of fort-building
  • a trip to the movies
  • five extra stories at bedtime
  • dinner of your choice
  • a movie night
  • a trip for ice cream/donuts/smoothies
Love You So Much coupons on table with pens and Christmas decor.

Gift coupon ideas for older children:

  • a day off from chores
  • a day off school
  • a free afternoon of video games
  • a day at the beach/lake
  • a day to sleep in
  • a night to stay up late
  • a trip to the movies
  • dinner of your choice
  • get out of jail card 😉
  • a movie night
  • a trip for ice cream/donuts/smoothies

Gift coupon ideas for adults:

  • a free carwash
  • a free backrub
  • a free foot massage
  • a day off from chores/childcare
  • breakfast in bed
  • movie night
  • candle-lit dinner
  • lunch date
  • date night
  • weekend getaway
  • a day of service/honey-do list checking off

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Free Printable Gift Coupons | Life as Mom

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